Digital Marketing Bootcamp for Students

Get your hands-on experience on Digital Marketing while working remotely

At VISTU, we collaborate with various businesses and start-ups across the globe to provide you with a hands-on experience during our internship. This can be a game-changer when it comes to presenting yourself in the labor market for the first time.

  • Every month we have a limited number of places for internships.

  • All the internships are 100% remote. You'll be meeting virtually with your mentors & team members.

  • You'll work in a team of 3-5 people on the project provided by one of our partners.

  • Internship spots need to be booked & paid 4 weeks before the start of the internship.

  • Once you complete the internship, you’ll receive a certificate together with a personalized reference letter based on the performance and progress made during the internship.

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We educate you for your future, not for our past

At VISTU, we believe that practice is more important than a theory class. Learning isn’t just listening; it’s all about collaboration, discussions, project-work and many other exciting things. That’s why we concentrate our efforts on bringing you industry professionals that will help you to get hands-on experience in the field of your interest.


You can study anytime and anywhere. All the classes are available presential or in the record. Study when and where it’s comfortable for you.

Bite-size classes

We share information in short and easy to watch blocks of 20-minutes. You can watch videos either on your computer or on mobile.

Practice is the key

Every lesson is supported with homework that will help you to work more with the information received and will help you to shape your hard & soft skills.

Live-classes & webinars

At VISTU, we think that face-to-face communication is very important. That’s why our professors love to spend time with the students and share knowledge on video calls and online presentations.

Supportive community

We believe that any education should create relations & grow your network. We want to help you create relations that matters and that can help your professional growth in the future.

International Bootcamp

While studying, you’ll have a chance to work on the project of one of our partners that can later help you to get a job or become a part of your portfolio.

Personalized feedback

We like to use a holistic approach, that’s why you’ll be getting not only the feedback on your homework, but we also are going to share feedback from your professor & colleagues that will help you to grow you as professional and as a person.

Digital & Mobile education

If you want to learn something new, you shouldn’t be limited to your location. With VISTU you can study anywhere you like using any device: computer, tablet or mobile.