Digital Marketing Internship

Learn how to grow the business through best marketing practises applying them to real projects: building strategies, executing them & creating content that sells.


4-8 weeks

Weekly study:

2 hours per day




US$85 per month

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest areas of growth where every year appear new professions that didn’t exist before. This area of business continuously requires teams to grow their skills and work with as many projects as possible to grow the expertise.

What are you going to do?

During your internship you will wear different marketing hats:

  • Conduct marketing research to identify trends & best practices of the industry

  • Develop & propose digital marketing strategies

  • Create content plans that drive the attention to the brand

  • Manage community & attract more members

  • Generate email marketing strategies that convert

What skills you are going to develop?

  • Hands-on digital marketing experience on a real international project in a start-up environment.

  • Market research skills including gathering information, identifying trends & best practices

  • Content strategy planning and execution for various social media platforms

  • Work in the team managing the project remotely

  • Presentation & data visualisation skills

  • Engagement with your team effectively in remote work environment

What to expect during the internship?

  • You’ll work in the team of 5-7 handling a certain project of one of our partners.

  • The team will have weekly goals that’ll guide you to the final project presentation.

  • You are going to work around 2 hours per day to accomplish your team goals.

  • On a weekly basis, you’ll be sharing your findings with internship mentors and get their feedback and recommendations.

  • Throughout the internship, we’ll be sharing materials that will expand your knowledge & help to improve your work.

  • We’ll be evaluating your performance and share personalized feedback about your work and recommendations for your further growth.

What will you get from internship?

  • The personalized diploma from certifying your participation in the program

  • Personalized reference letter with feedback about your work and our recommendations for your further growth.

  • The internship program includes several courses that you are getting for free to make sure that you are fully equipped to thrive in a remote work & study environment:

        • “Remote work for teams” crush-course

        • “Effective presentations”

        • And other materials guiding you through the project milestones

  • Become a part of the supportive community to grow your network further.