Software Development Internship

Learn how to create, test, maintain & evolve clean code that is efficient and optimized to the needs of the business.


4-8 weeks

Weekly study:

2 hours per day




US$85 per month

According to different researches, there are from 24 to 26 million developers in the world and by 2023 this number will grow to at least 27,7 million. To thrive in that highly competitive environment, it’s imperative to practice your coding skills and get as much feedback as you can to be ready for real-life tasks later on your first job and to grow your portfolio on GitHub & similar platforms.

What are you going to do?

Currently, we focus our internships on Java as the most popular programming language in the past decade. You’ll get a hands-on experience working with different coding tasks like:

  • Understand the key concepts needed to create quality code

  • Develop the code logic & structure

  • Improve & optimize the code

  • Conduct of the code reviews

  • Test & do quality control

What skills you are going to develop?

  • Hands-on experience with various coding tasks.

  • Ability to improve the code & look for different solutions

  • Testing & quality control skills

  • Code reviews practice

  • Work in the team working on the project remotely

  • Practice Scrum & Agile methodology

  • Presentation & data visualisation skills

  • Engagement with your team effectively in a remote work environment

What to expect during the internship?

  • You’ll work individually and in the teams of 5-7 to practice code review & improvement skills.

  • You are going to work around 2 hours per day to accomplish your tasks.

  • You’ll get feedback on your code from your internship mentor

  • Weekly we’ll conduct webinars to analyze the typical mistakes that were done and address any questions you may have.

  • Throughout the internship, we’ll be sharing materials that will expand your knowledge & help to improve your work.

  • We’ll be evaluating your performance and share personalized feedback about your work and recommendations for your further growth.

What will you get from internship?

  • The personalized diploma from certifying your participation in the program

  • Personalized reference letter with feedback about your work and our recommendations for your further growth from your entrepreneurship coach.

  • The internship program includes several courses that you are getting for free to make sure that you are fully equipped to thrive in a remote work & study environment:

        • “Remote work for teams” crush-course

        • Basics of Scrum & Agile

        • And other materials guiding you through the project milestones

  • Become a part of the supportive community to grow your network further.