StartUp Lab Internship

Learn how to start your own business from scratch, develop and test your business ideas, structure processes and make the first steps towards the freedom of being your own boss.


4-8 weeks

Weekly study:

2 hours per day




US$85 per month

Entrepreneurship is a viable alternative for the corporate job that will give you an opportunity to execute your business ideas and have total freedom and control over your projects. Moreover, entrepreneurship is a mindset, that helps to challenge the status quo in the industry, as well as your personal life perception. The wealthiest people on Earth are not employees, but entrepreneurs that believed in their ideas, and seized opportunities!

What are you going to do?

  • Develop ideas for your potential business

  • Work on the minimal viable product

  • Build operation processes around your business idea

  • Test and pivot your ideas

  • (If ready) Start your operations

What skills you are going to develop?

  • Internalize the entrepreneurship mindset

  • Develop business ideas around market opportunities, and test them

  • Structure the business model and business processes

  • Build initial branding for your startup

  • Create an initial web-site and social media presence

What to expect during the internship?

  • During the program, you follow the step-by-step framework for business incubation developed by the experts of VISTU StartUp Lab

  • You get an introductory training for Entrepreneurship

  • You work in teams to develop your ideas and prepare the minimal viable products

  • Each team is coached by an experienced Entrepreneur with practical knowledge

  • The final presentation of your results will be done in the form of RocketPitch and evaluated by real entrepreneurs

What will you get from internship?

  • The personalized diploma from certifying your participation in the program

  • Personalized reference letter with feedback about your work and our recommendations for your further growth from your entrepreneurship coach.

  • The internship program includes several courses that you are getting for free to make sure that you are fully equipped to thrive in a remote work & study environment:

        • “Remote work for teams” crush-course

        • “Effective presentations”

        • And other materials guiding you through the project milestones

  • Become a part of the supportive community to grow your network further.