eLearning & Development Internship

Learn how to help organizations to develop online eLearning solutions that spike curiosity and imagination. Design, test and launch educational products that sell.


4-8 weeks

Weekly study:

2 hours per day




US$85 per month

E-Learning and Development Associate is a key role in organizations that are focused on providing virtual learning experiences for external customers, as well as building comprehensive knowledge management systems internally. Today e-learning is a $56.2 billion industry, and more than 50 000 vacancies are currently opened on LinkedIn in the EU and United States.

What are you going to do?

  • Develop online educational courses

  • Use the latest educational theories and tools

  • Design the learning experiences for participants

  • Use learning management systems (LMS) to structure and publish the courses

  • Test the courses with the potential users

What skills you are going to develop?

  • Structure the learning materials in a coherent and logical way

  • Analyze the demands of organizations for learning programs

  • Design "learning moments" and incorporate the latest learning techniques in the program

  • Use Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Use User Experience Design (UX Design) and User Interface Design (UI Design) to build a seamless and enriching learning environment for users

What to expect during the internship?

  • You get an initial training on E-learning

  • You work closely with the Learning Design Manager and the key customers (internal or external)

  • Your opinion and ideas will be considered and implemented

  • Your work in a team of 4-5 people from different locations and backgrounds

  • Your work will be assessed and monitored in order to give valuable feedback on your strengths and areas of opportunity during the project.

What will you get from internship?

  • The personalized diploma from VISTU.org certifying your participation in the program

  • Personalized reference letter with feedback about your work and our recommendations for your further growth.

  • The internship program includes several courses that you are getting for free to make sure that you are fully equipped to thrive in a remote work & study environment:

        • “Remote work for teams” crush-course

        • “Effective presentations”

        • And other materials guiding you through the project milestones

  • Become a part of the supportive VISTU.org community to grow your network further.