Remote teams

Learn how to get ready yourself and manage your team remotely using the world’s best practices.


8 weeks

Weekly study:

4 hours



Working remotely becomes a “new normal” for more and more companies. Over the past 5 years, remote work grew up 44%. It’s not any more something for freelancers and digital-nomads-only. Reputable companies are offering it as an additional benefit or as a permanent set up for their teams and you need to be prepared.

When you think about working from home, it sounds easy. You just login into your working hours and do the same as in the office. But once you’ll try it, you notice that it’s significantly harder. This course was designed based on the real remote work experience aiming to help you to avoid getting hard knocks yourself.

How will you learn

This will be a crash-course that will focus on:

  • Key challenges switching to remote work and how to overcome them

  • Preparation of your workplace

  • Self-organization while working remotely

  • Technologies for remote working

  • Goals, targets & tasks setting for remote teams

  • Communication particularities

  • Facilitation of online meetings

  • Motivation of remote teams

  • Remote decision taking

What will you achieve

By the end of the course, you will:

  1. Identify the key challenges for yourself and have a clear plan on how to overcome them

  2. Prepare your remote workspace

  3. Practice techniques to increase your self-organization while working remotely

  4. Learn how to use all the key technologies & apps used in remote work

  5. Practice in targets set for yourself and your team

  6. Train remote communication and meetings facilitation of remote teams

  7. Prepare a motivation increase plan for remote team

  8. Be ready to apply the remote decision-taking structure in remote projects

Who is this course for

This course is for anyone who:

  • Plans to start working remotely

  • Gets ready to join a remote team

  • Works at the company that is preparing to go remote temporarily or permanently

  • Already manage the remote or semi-remote team and wants to apply the best practises used in the industry

Who will you learn with

Ksenia Fedotova

VISTU Co-founder, Chief of HR & Recruitment at HOPLA.Online

Ksenia Fedotova has 9+ years in HR, Recruitment and People & Culture development in various businesses from established world-known companies to fast-growing startups.

Out of these years, 5 of them she is working 100% remote. Ksenia successfully managed multicultural remote teams based on 5 continents and ready to share all the lessons she learnt so far.